The Story of PitchCrunch

PitchCrunch was started by Silicon Valley techies to help co-workers convert their business ideas into reality and help them launch their startup businesses. Sitting in meetings at work, time and again people would say “That’s a great idea”, what typically happens most of the time – nothing. People usually never take the next step.

Most business ideas remain just an idea because people don’t have access to resources or money to take action. They don’t have direct access to investors. Hearing stories of friends and co-workers with brilliant ideas struggling to connect with investors, we were on a mission to enabling quick and easy access to investors. We started talking to entrepreneurs and investors, taking notes of everyone’s needs.

Recognizing these pain points, we connected the dots and came up with the concept of PitchCrunch. Everyone liked the idea and we were on our way to building PitchCrunch.

What started as a side project has since grown to become one of the most popular startup website among entrepreneurs using the service to follow their passion of bringing life to creative business ideas.

PitchCrunch is powered by feedback from users and we want you to continue to make suggestions for improvement. We promise we’ll listen, add missing features, and continue to deliver to your needs.