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No, and the 7 day is completely free.

No contracts. Simple straight forward month-to-month billing. No extra hidden charges.

Yes, PitchCrunch is a secure site and we do not sell your information to anyone.

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Most investors are focused on specific areas; some prefer tech startups over non-tech, some only invest in retail products, while others in the health and wellness space. And so in order to maximize the value of your business plan, it’s important to approach the (most fitting) investors.

Yes you can, and please note, we have two goals:

1) Align and submit your business plan to the most fitting investors

2) Limit presenting your plan to investors who may not be focused in investing in your space

We carefully align and submit your business plan to the most suitable investors.

Yes, you can.

We have no control over when you may hear back from an investor. Some investors may not find your business idea worthy of investment and may not respond – And some may like your idea so much that they get back to you right away. A lot depends on the quality of your business plan and the business idea (opportunity, concept, and revenue potential).

Investors do not sign NDAs. The reasoning behind this practice is that since investors look at hundreds of businesses and may fund a competitor, they cannot be burdened by a non-disclosure agreement. Please note, some investors receive 5,000 - 8,000 business plans every year and sometimes 80% of them can be duplicate ideas. If they were to agree to sign an NDA for company A, and few weeks later invest in company B which has a duplicate / similar business plan, they will be putting themselves at risk of being sued for violation of confidentiality.

Yes, you can. Your goal should be to create a factually convincing business plan - a compelling plan that outlines actual revenue opportunities for the investor, tangibles versus projections.

Creating a business plan with PitchCrunch is quick and easy. We step-by-step show you how to create your business plan to ensure you have the guidance you need.

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